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Eun had always dreamt of becoming a female soccer player. She played an active part as midfield for her team when she was in elementary school but somehow quit for personal reasons. She then changed her dream to be a singer enrolled herself to Dongduk Women’s University-major in Music studies and is currently on temporary leave.

Eun went through the shortest training period out of all Two X members -1 month before debut with her superb vocal skills. She used to be a football player during junior high school!


Busan girl - Minjoo took multiple part-time jobs - a barista, salesgirl at department store and ice cream maker at parks to earn enough money to support her preparation to become a singer.

Minjoo dropped out of high school to pursue her dream of singing. She then take qualification examination/GED. At the age of 18, she take KTX from Busan for her first audition with JTC and was eliminated then she tried again 3 years later. 

P/S: Not sure what is 낙방했다가 but i guess ‘eliminated’

Minjoo went through various audition for 4 years in order to achieve her dream!


Jiyou went through the longest training period-5 years. She expressed how grateful she is that Rain gave her the 2nd chance to achieve her dream. Jiyou said that she was eliminated during the audition but somehow ‘World Star’ Rain saw her audition clip and recommended her to JTC. She also revealed her colab with Rain for his 5th Album-Rainism (You)and Fugitive Plan B OST (Mayday) before debut.


Surin went to Dongduk Women’s University-major in Broadcasting and Performance Arts. She joined the team through JTC “street casting’

Surin debuted as an actress in a horror film ‘Exam: Bloody Mid-term’ which was released in Summer 2008. She played as Kim Kyeong Jin. The following year she joined musical ‘Let’s be happy forever’ with her refined acting skills.


Eunyoung has already gained popularity working as a back dancer for Rain, Big Bang, and 2NE1. She’s well known as one of ‘Crazy Dancer’ team members. She caught JTC officials/representative attention during her perf with dancer team for Rain’s 2010 Japan Tour.

Note: There wasn’t any info on Eunyoung, I’ll edit later if there is any added. 

EDIT: Added more info for Surin and for Eunyoung!

cr: TwoXIndonesia@Twitter

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