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TWO X @ MBS Shimshimtapa with SuJu’s Shindong (Part 2)

[TRANS] Who are you close with in MBLAQ? MBC Shimshimtapa with Super Junior Shindong

Shindong Now Two x~
Two X (P/S: I’m not sure who answered Shindong first but I really think it was Jiyoo…): Yes~

Shindong: We are curious, who else is there in the company? Besides MBLAQ, then who else?

Jiyoo: Yes~ Only MBLAQ sunbenim~
Shindong: ooo~ That’s it?
Jiyoo: Yes~
Shindong: Who didn’t look after you guys the most?
Jiyoo: A~ All of the members look after us equally~ Its hard to pick one~
Shindong: Really?
Two X: Yes~
Shindong: All didn’t look after you guys right?
Two X: NO! NO!
Shindong: Then, who do you close to the most in MBLAQ members? I’m curious about this..
Surin: Aigoo..Actually.. all..*stutter
Shindong Do you have friends? How old are ou?
Surin: I’m 22 years old so I’m close/friends with Mir sunbenim..
Shindong: A~ You’re close to Mir.
(Then I have no idea What he ask Surin)
Surin: We’re friends but I cant drop the formality yet
Shindong: Aaaa~ Really? Then how old is our Eun ssi?
Eun: I’m 23 years old
Shindong: If you’re 23 y.o then you should be close to GO ssi and LeeJoon ssi right?
Eun: But, I’m still (Not sure but I think not close to them)
Surin: It’s because unnie joined the company later~
Shindong: Aaaa~ No worries you can get close to them slowly~
Eun: Ah~~ Yes yes~

Translated by: Two X Malaysia

cr: TwoXIndonesia@Twitter

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