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Two X; for anonymous

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Anonymous asked:
Can update their fancafe using hangul ?

I’m sorry, I wasn’t ignoring this message! I’ve been very very busy with school! I will try my best ;~;

Anonymous asked:
I miss twox when will they comeback?

I don’t know. 

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#FOTOS] 14/03/11 - Surin
[#PHOTOS] 140311  - Surin

Fuente/Source: fancafe (entrada de Surin / Surin's post)
Resubido/Reuploaded: Maria @ TWOXSpain
KJC Place Spain
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Two X @ Moon Night Musical

Roommates Jiyou & Eun and their room which is full of love :3

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[#FOTO] Jiyou en la sesión de fotos de «MOON NIGHT» | Jiyou on ‘MOON NIGHT”s photoshoot

Fuente: 문나이트 y Naverblog
Resubido: Maria @ TWOXSpain KJC Place Spain
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It’s been a year since Two X’s last comeback, and we probably won’t be getting anything new soon 

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SeungDoong & Jiyou for Moon Night Musical Photoshoot


140114 Seungho. Thunder & Jiyou @ Musical “Moon Night” Practice

Credit : 문나이트 @ Youtube

MBLAQ’s Seungho & Cheondung with Two X’s Jiu for Moon Night Musical



Trans: [★] MBLAQ’s Seungho & Cheondung / Two X Jiu, starring in ‘Moon Night’ Musical. Starts in 21st of February.

(Tickets to the opening are scheduled on January 17 and will give further details for guides.)

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[#PHOTO] Minjoo pre-debut
[#FOTO] Minjoo pre-debut

Créditos/Credits: 쌍큼오리 (fancafe)
Resubido/Reuploaded: Maria @ Two X Spain KJC Place Spain
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[#INFO] Surin's bday (27th)


[#INFO] [CHANGES / CAMBIOS] Para el cumpleaños de Surin se tuiteará #HappySurinDay . Incluidlo en vuestros tuits y enviadselo también a @JTune_official

Sentimos cambiar el hashtag después de difundir el otro. Lo hicimos para poder tener a todos los Doublings unidos usando el mismo…


[#PHOTOS] 131214 - Recent picture of Surin 
[#FOTOS] 14/12/13 - Foto reciente de Surin

Créditos/credits: 투엑스옆자리 (fancafe Two X)
Resubido/Reuploaded: Maria @ Two X Spain

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